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Custom Landscape Curbing

High-quality, durable way to achieve a defined edging to your entire landscape. From gardens to driveways as well as custom concrete walkways; custom landscape curbing will add the perfect touch to your homes landscape.

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Custom Concrete Landscape Curbing

Concrete Curbing creates clean, crisp lines between flowerbeds and other areas. It is most visible between a lawn and the adjoining garden, but landscape edging can define a flower border, a shrub bed, a single tree, or the transition from a patio to the surrounding garden. It also helps to keep mulch from migrating off your flowerbeds while simultaneously keeping turf grass from invading decorative garden areas.
Curb Preparation

Landscape Preparation

Before we begin the installation of your premium concrete curbing, our team will begin the Ground Preparation by removing any roots or other obstacles that could pose future threats to your concrete curb’s integrity, while also drawing the desired path in its location.
Curb Installation

Curbing Installation

Once we begin the Curb Installation, we will lay your new curbing directly into the desire location. We only use eco-friendly chemicals throughout the installation to ensure the health and safety of both your landscape and garden beds.
Curb Maintenance

Border Maintenance

After the installation, we will walk you through all the necessary rules of Border Maintenance to keep your curbing vibrant for years to come. Suggestions as to how to mow your lawn without striking the curbing and periodic cleaning with your garden hose.

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What Makes Landscape Curbing Great?

  • High-Quality Concrete
  • Increases Perceived Value of Property
  • Installed in Every Climate
  • Multiple Colors & Styles to Choose from
  • Can Act as a Root Barrier for Gardening
  • Perfect for Commercial & Residential
  • Easy to Maintain After Cured
  • 100% Eco-Friendly and Safe
  • Timeless & Elegant Finish for any Yard
  • Strong and Durable for Years to Come
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Curb Addiction - The Stenka Family

Ken Stenka

Meet the Curb Addiction Family

Curb Addition is a veteran owned; family operated business located in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

Meet our visionary: Veteran Ken Stenka served in OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom), deployed with 755th Chemical Unit (Desert Dragons) from 2006-2007 and was a 27-year National Guardsman. He was enlisted into marriage in 1995 with Kimberly and had no chance of discharge from that duty.

He currently serves as VSO (Veteran Service Officer) in Holt, Boyd, and Wheeler Counties in Nebraska. This role presented the need veterans have when transitioning to/from rehabilitation. The vision to provide refuge for these comrades as they steer through this process was his motivation for diving into curbing. A portion of the proceeds from Curb Addiction will be donated to this cause.

Theodore (aka Senior Airman Stenka) swore into the South Dakota, 114th Fighter Wing Unit in the fall of 2018. He is enlisted as an Electrical and Environmental Specialist. He is a graduate of SDSU with a bachelors in Wildlife & Fishery Sciences. He is a newlywed to his high school sweetheart, Jayden as of September 2022. He and Jayden may get recruited to the job sites in their spare time.

Lydia (aka Airman 1st Class Stenka) swore into the same unit in the fall of 2020. She signed on as an F-16 Flight Wing Crew Chief She has a full-time job with the NDOR (Nebraska Department of Roads. She brings humor and creativity to the team and her Dad has recruited her as his battle buddy on this business venture. In August of 2022, she and Ken made the journey to Florida for training with Lil’ Bubba® Curb Systems. They learned the technique and process of landscape curbing. They returned to Nebraska with the equipment and knowledge to start up our business, Curb Addiction.

Please feel free to call or email about setting up a time for us to do an onsite, free estimate. When you enhance the aesthetic value of your property, a portion of your proceeds will also be improving the aesthetics of people’s lives, as we plan to donate 10% back to our veterans via a non-profit organization we are setting up. Stay tuned for more information on that. Our vision is to “Curb Addiction” one home at a time. Our mission is to provide professionalism and quality in everything we do.

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